Branded Promotional Marketing





Chi-Chi is committed to finding the most innovative and exciting ideas to support your business objectives. Effective branding creates a unique, persistent identity that people associate with quality, personality, and preference. We will work with you to create a distinct and lasting impression of your brand and company. 


One of the most effective ways to raise brand or product awareness with promotional items is to turn the clients and employees who receive them into walking billboards. Chi-Chi will work with you to identify your specific needs and find the perfect apparel or accessories to brand with your company’s unique personality.

Print Material & Signage

Branded print materials are a key part of connecting with your customers and getting ahead of your competition. When combined with your company’s visual identity, they can have a significant impact on helping you stand out. Chi-Chi will work with you to determine which printed materials most adequately meet your needs and best promote your specific product, service or event.